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Curious giant is a pretty simple game where you play as a giant who discovers a small village and decides to help build it and grow it from a few small cabins into a large bustling city. Go out into the world and get resources to bring back to the village so the villagers can expand; wood allows them to build more houses, iron allows them to upgrade their city and make farms/mines, and food allows them to make more villagers. Once you are done building the city there isn't much left to do other than destroy it, so have fun tearing it apart and murdering everyone.

The purpose of the game was centered around exploring its experimental control scheme using triggers and buttons simultaneously.

Its not fully featured and is really more of a proof of concept at this stage, but I might not develop it any further

Who made this game?

Samuel Dresser: Programming, much of the design, and helped a few parts with art too (anything that looks bad)

Steven Williams: Art

Kris Selleke: Art, and designed the tutorial level in the cave.

We go to a school called Lawrence Tech, in beautiful Detroit, Michigan. And this was a part of one of our classes. For more information on us and our class, look for us on this page:

Install instructions

Download unzip and run.

** Requires a 360 controller (May work with other controllers, haven't tested)


CuriousGiant.zip 28 MB